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Experts in positioning, data logging and video

RACELOGIC is an established, privately owned UK-based company with a 30-year history of creating precision GPS measurement systems for the automotive industry.

RACELOGIC thrives on technical innovation and has seen continuous growth since its formation in 1992. Today, RACELOGIC employs more than 100 people across its office in the UK, the US and Germany.

Over the last 6 years, RACELOGIC has developed an accurate indoor positioning system for its global customer base of major car and tyre manufactures, enabling testing in GNSS-denied environments such as warehouses, parking lots, ice-rinks, indoor tracks and tree-covered roads.

The world leading capabilities of this technology has seen it grow beyond its automotive roots and find new applications in other sectors where high accuracy measurement of position and movement is driving innovations and progress.

Applying this technology to virtual productions for camera/object tracking and eliminating drift in inertial motion capture is a leading example of its diversification, and from this, AirPixel was created.

Customers we’ve worked with

Founded in 1992

The Vision

RACELOGIC draws on its 30 years’ experience of delivering high quality, industry standard solutions and remains a fast-moving organisation entering new markets with some truly disruptive and innovative products.


Since its launch in 2001, the VBOX remains the most popular method of measuring speed and position of vehicles during the test and development stage of new vehicles and in autonomous driving research.

We supply almost every single automotive company in the World, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, BMW, Tesla and Rivian to name a few. Our technology measures the position of a vehicle 100 times a second and is accurate to 1 cm. Our recent innovation is an indoor positioning system, which is being used to test vehicles in the latest breed of large-scale indoor testing facilities.

Space & Technology

Our LabSat satellite simulator is used by many of the major companies in the space and technology markets. We have developed our own hardware and software, and we are continuously developing new methods using the very latest technology.

Our software simulation is particularly ground-breaking, as we accurately simulate the orbits of all the navigation satellites and reproduce the multitude of modern signals from first principles to deliver a synthesised GNSS receiver signal to make any GNSS receiver behave as it would in the real world. All this processing is carried out using standard PC hardware, in real time by utilising the power of multicore processing. Customers using our technology include SpaceX, NASA, Broadcomm, Qualcomm, Intel, Garmin and Apple.


Our VBOX Video product is by far the best Video Data-logger and driver feedback system available on the market. It is used by both professional and amateur drivers in all forms of motorsport around the world.

Our innovative approach gives drivers precisely the right feedback they require to improve their driving, both in real-time and in post-race analysis. We have recently begun to offer live-streaming services using 4G and 5G networks.

Media & Entertainment

Using the technology we developed in-house for indoor positioning, we have recently broken into the film and gaming market. Our AirPixel system mounts on a camera (or person) and accurately tracks movement and orientation to within 2 cm, 100 times a second. This technology has been used recently on a major Hollywood production to superimpose real-time graphics (using the Unreal Engine) in green screen and for LED wall productions.

The Virtual Production market is currently experiencing explosive growth, fuelled by the recent pandemic and popularity of streaming/gaming services. RACELOGIC are poised to become one of the leading players in this extremely exciting industry, and we are working directly with some major film, game, and TV production companies.

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